Jesiva Transformers Group, is a company with a history of 50 years and since its inception it is dedicated to the manufacture of all types of transformers and inductors.

For us, the close relationship with the client is essential to be able to tackle all kinds of projects together in order to achieve the best results. With our extensive experience and an analysis of the client's needs, we provide our proposals and improvements in order to achieve the best solution.

Currently, JESIVA has facilities of 10,000m² distributed in a total of 3 plants (production, raw material warehouse and subcontracting). Our products are exported worldwide through distribution centers. Our distributors have sufficient technical knowledge to provide technical and commercial support to each need of our customers.

JESIVA, offers a direct attention with agility in the response. Our delivery times, thanks to the large raw material warehouse, are really short even in special manufacturing, which makes us the best ally for all your needs. Our wide range of products is aimed at a wide variety of sectors such as: Renewable Energies, Railway, Elevation, Audio, Energy Efficiency, Public Lighting, Swimming Pool, IT...

Innovation and constant evolution to know how to adapt to the needs that the market demands, are the basis of our company.

Innovation and constant evolution.