About us

Jesiva Transformers Group, is a company with a history of 50 years and since its inception it is dedicated to the manufacture of all types of transformers and inductors.

For us, a close relationship with the client is essential to be able to face all kinds of projects together in order to achieve the best results. With our extensive experience and an analysis of the client's needs, we contribute our proposals and improvements in order to achieve the best solution.

Currently, JESIVA has facilities of 10,000m² distributed in a total of 3 plants (production, raw material warehouse and subcontracting).
Our products are exported globally through distribution centers. Our distributors have sufficient technical knowledge to give technical and commercial support to each need of our clients.

JESIVA, offers direct attention with agility in response. Our delivery times, thanks to the large warehouse of raw materials, are really short even in special fabrications, which makes us the best ally for all your needs.
Our wide range of products is aimed at a wide variety of sectors such as: Renewable Energy, Rail, Elevation, Audio, Energy Efficiency, Public lighting, Swimming pool, IT ...

Innovation and constant evolution to know how to adapt to the needs that the market demands, are the basis of our company.

Human Team

Characterizes us

  • Our business experience of 50 years, three generations that have shaped a culture with great values.
  • Our workers, who are our family, are 100% prepared and in continuous training.
  • Our technological capacity: Research, Development and Innovation are part of the basis where the present and future of the company is based. Enhancing these elements is one of the keys to ensure our success and to stay ahead of our competitors. Computer simulation and design calculation programs are used to make better concepts or prototypes with the most accurate results to meet and exceed the requirements requested by the customer. Computer simulation and design calculation programs are used to make better concepts or prototypes with the most accurate results to meet and exceed customer requirements.

Our history

In May 1971, Mr. Jose García Pérez, together with his wife Mrs. María Rams Fuertes and the collaboration of some of the closest relatives, began to manufacture in their own homes, in free time, on weekends and hours. night with a lot of sacrifice and very rudimentary means the first transformer in its history: a transformer for antenna amplifiers.
This mini-production was created for a single company, the same one in which Mr. Jose Rams was on staff. After the success of this manufacture, more companies began to take an interest in this factory, still unincorporated and which led the García Rams couple to consider the situation in which they found themselves.

On April 3, 1982, the Jesiva company was officially established, starting on a 60m2 ground floor and counting at the end of the same year, with two workers and thus inaugurating the first factory in Vilamarxant.
Over the years, Jesiva acquired a high prestige in the transformer industry, its seriousness and service, pushed it even further from the borders of the Valencian Community.
In September 1984 the decision was made to expand the company, and the first premises of the first Jesiva factory were occupied with 1700m2 of warehouse and with 18 workers.
In April 1990, the first technical department was consolidated, with which the company was promoted, with new designs, improvements in production, quality control and the creation of the electronic division, which has another 1300m2 warehouse inaugurated in the middle 1991.

The management of this company interested in the needs of customers and the future of the company, detected a gap in the toroidal transformer market.
In 1995 they had already been serving their own toroidal transformers for more than a year and in October of that same year the new facilities were inaugurated, 600m2 destined to the division of toroidal transformers.
Today Jesiva has an area of ​​more than 10,000 m2, more than 70 employees and a network of distributors around the world.

  • 1971 - First transformer for antenna amplifiers.

  • 1982 - Official constitution of the Jesiva company.

  • 1984 - First Jesiva factory.

  • 1990 - The first technical department is consolidated.

  • 1991 - Second Jesiva factory

  • 1995 - one year of toroidal transformer sales.

  • 1995 - Creation of the ISO 9000 quality manual.

  • 1996 - First company in the sector to obtain the ISO 9001 certificate.

  • 1999 - First Spanish company in the sector to obtain the ISO 14001 systems certificate.

  • 2002 - First Spanish company to obtain UL certification in the US and Canada to factor the entire family of toroidal transformers.


Continue offering a wide variety of top quality products, new energy solutions and a specialized service tailored to the needs of our customers, combining our warmth in personalized attention, passion for transformers and innovation in production processes.
Commitment to business practices that protect the environment.


To be a benchmark and recognized as the leading company in the transformer sector, nationally and internationally, by our clients, suppliers, employees and stakeholders related to our company. To be the solution to all energy demands of the best quality. Continue contributing to sustainable development with the latest technologies, materials and global trends.


• Respect for the people who comprise our company and the law.
• Teamwork gathering the best knowledge, intelligence and skill.
• Quality in our products.
• Innovation and creativity.
• Dedication, transparency, professionalism and ethics in all our actions.
• Continuous improvement towards excellence as a way of working.


These are the virtues that best define us.